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Moms Vs Dads

There is always a fight between moms and dads regarding their participation in taking care of the child, usually we find moms complaining about their husbands that they don't help them in handling their babies. We often listen them complaining that how irresponsible their husbands are. We also observe that how in birthday parties wedding parties and meetings the topic changes and in the end we find bashing them their husbands for not helping them out in taking care of children's. Dads also have their point of view and they think that they work all day to earn money and when they reach home they don't have enough energy and power to take care of children's also. Moms in return argue that their husbands can manage to drive hours to get to their friends and can arrange parties and meeting for them but they don't have any time for their kids.

Their are more then one reasons for them to think like this. Isn't it ? What do you think that what are the reasons behind that ? Does this is because mothers lakes confidence in their husbands ? Yeah it is right. Women's Generally Lakes Confidence over her husbands because it is really not the most love able work for dads to baby sit the child's so they lack concentration on children's.

But now a days we usually see that dads are helping moms, and they kind of enjoy it. It such a thing that can never be expected from the past older generations dads. We know that things have changed and we also know that fathers also have a keen role to play in growing up babies. Things are getting better as the time progresses but this conflict of moms and days we a never ending conflict. Although it is a very interesting topic but to make it more interesting we have collected some funny photos of how moms vs dads are in taking care of their child's....

These photos are just for fun, we also know that dads are also very caring, so don't mind and enjoy watching these photos....

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