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What Type Of Boys Girls Like.

It is really interesting that girls see so many things in boys. they want perfect boy for her, a boy who can make up to the their expectations is likely to be loved. in boys case what's needed is a smile and game over. well here is some of the things that girls really like...

A boy who loves you unconditionally.

A boy who will never hurt your feelings.

A boy who is worth the wait.

A boy who is your lover and best friend.

A boy who is protective to his girl.

A boy who cuddles you in front of his friends. 

A boy who makes you forget about your insecurities.

A boy who motivates you.

A boy who gives you cute nicknames.

A boy who smells good.

A boy who makes you laugh when you're mad.

A boy who texts you first.

A boy who makes your day, everyday.

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